Sounds to inspire

Polysonix is the creation of myself Lee Garnett who started out life as a musican when i joined a local band called The La's at age 18 as their lead guitarist. I went on to perfom several live shows and spend 2 years in the studio with them before heading out to pastures new. Attending multiple music related courses to get a better all round education i then started freelancing as an audio engineer and recorded local bands demo's in my home studio.

In 2002 i discovered the flexibility of computer technology and immediately saw it's benefits and slowly transitioned over from the analog domain. As the years have progressed i have used pretty much every DAW and software synth there is looking for that perfect fit. Over the last 5 years i have developed a deep passion for sound design and everything related to it and i hope my sounds will be fun and inspiring to use as that is my ultimate goal with this project.